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This website represents the scientific activities of the AI4RS (artificial intelligence for remote sensing) team. AI4RS is led by Prof. Dr. Pedram Ghamisi who works as (1) head of the machine learning group (FWGE-L) at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany (HZDR) and (2) visiting full professor at Lancaster University, UK. Previously, Pedram made significant contributions as a Senior Principal Investigator (PI), Research Professor, and Group Leader of AI for Remote Sensing (AI4RS) at the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) in Austria. He was also the CTO and co-founder of VasoGnosis Inc., an innovative company based in San Jose and Milwaukee, USA, which specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence for medical imaging diagnostics.

Pedram has earned significant awards throughout his career for his contributions to remote sensing and machine learning. His recognition began in 2013 with the prestigious IEEE Mikio Takagi Prize for winning a student competition at IGARSS in Melbourne. In 2017, he was named IEEE Senior Member and won the Data Fusion Contest, outperforming over 800 entries. That year, he also received the IEEE GRSS Best Reviewer Prize. His global impact is affirmed by multiple inclusions in the Stanford University list of the top 2% of scientists and academics, and by consistently being named among the top 1% of most cited researchers by Clarivate from 2021 to 2023. He has also received the IEEE GRSS Highest Impact Paper Awards in 2020 and 2024, highlighting his ongoing influence in the field.

The topics we cover:

  • Trustworthy AI for Earth observation

  • Foundation models

  • AI for social good

  • Explainable AI

  • Deep learning and its applications to, e.g., semantic segmentation and scene classification

  • Human-in-the-loop Earth observation data analysis

  • Vision and language for Earth Observation

  • Multisensor and multitemporal data fusion

  • Adversarial attacks and defenses

  • Domain adaptation and transfer learning

  • Weakly supervised learning

  • Change detection

  • Semantic segmentation and scene classification

  • Visual question answering

  • Zero- and few-shot learning

Team members (only those who work on remote sensing-related subjects at HZDR-HIF):

  • Prof. Dr. Pedram Ghamisi (Leader)

  • Aldino Rizaldy (Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Weikang Yu (Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Elias Arbash (Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Yuduo Wang (Research Engineer at HZDR)


  • Dr. Yonghao Xu (Postdoc at IARAI) 

  • Dr. Shizhen Chang (Postdoc at IARAI)

  • Dr. Omid Ghorbanzadeh (Postdoc at IARAI)

  • Dr. Kasra Rafiezadeh Shahi (Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Laura Elena Cue La (Exchange Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Ziping He (Exchange Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Zijia Zhang (Exchange Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Yaoming Cai (Exchange Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Puhong Duan (Exchange Ph.D. Student at HZDR)

  • Dr. Samiran Das (Postdoc at HZDR)

  • Dr. Decky Aspandi (Postdoc at HZDR)

  • Dr. Behnood Rasti (Research Scientist at HZDR)

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