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AI4RS: Artificial Intelligence for Remote Sensing

Humboldt University of Berlin - Summer 2023

Instructor: Pedram Ghamisi
Co-lecturers: Yonghao Xu,
Omid Ghorbanzadeh, Shizhen Chang

Course Description

This course focuses on a recent trend in Artificial Intelligence for Remote Sensing and covers or touches topics such as image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, change detection, and security for remote sensing in possible areas from local to global-scales.

In a mixture of theoretical and hands-on sessions, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning and their background as well as apply new concepts and approaches to a variety of practical applications of remote sensing image processing such as data fusion, land-cover, and land-use mapping, urban dynamics monitoring, natural hazard assessment, and vehicle\aircraft detection, using RGB, multispectral, and hyperspectral data.

Course Topics

  • machine\deep learning foundations for remote sensing

  • remote sensing image classification

  • remote sensing image object detection

  • remote sensing image semantic segmentation

  • remote sensing image change detection

  • remote sensing image anomaly detection

  • natural hazard monitoring

  • artificial intelligence security for remote sensing

Course Logistics

Lectures will take 13 weeks for the whole duration of the semester.

Hands-on sessions will be organized along the course.

Final Project will be updated regarding the official plan of the course.

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